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Vinyl Installation Check List

 vinyl pre installation check list

please be aware that the following procedures are not included in our installation services.  arrangements for these services are the responsibility of our customer.
  • re-installing quarter-round molding.  we will remove your quarter-round, but cannot be responsible for re-installing.  frequently, molding which has been installed for several years cannot be satisfactorily re-installed and may break during removal.  we will be as careful as possible.
  • removing and reinstalling commodes and other plumbing fixtures.  certain Vinyl floor installations require removal of a commode.  our installers are not licensed or qualified to perform this service.  if in doubt as to whether your installation requires advance pluming work, contact your salesperson or our service department.
  • cutting doors to clear new floor covering.  frequently, installation of new carpet or vinyl will prevent doors from swinging or sliding freely.  you should have a qualified carpenter cut your doors prior to our installation if possible.
  • disconnecting gas and water hook-ups. (if included on your order as a separate charge, we will move your disconnected appliances, but cannot be responsible for the hook-ups.)
  • disconnecting and re-connecting ice makers.  (beware! if your refrigerator has not been moved recently, stretching the ice-maker coils to move the refrigerator may create a leak.)
  • removing an existing Vinyl floor covering which may contain asbestos.  we can install new underlayment over, or “float” your old Vinyl floor to prepare for new floor covering.   if removal of an existing floor containing asbestos should become necessary during our installation, you will need to arrange for this work to be done by a certified abatement specialist.
  • bubbles:  you may notice some bubbles from under your new Vinyl floor (most notably interflex products).  This is normal and these bubbles should disappear within three weeks.  If they persist beyond that time, please call our Service Department.
We appreciate the confidence placed in us when you bought your flooring.  We will do our best to live up to your expectations and hope when you have floor covering needs in the future, we may, once again be of service to you.
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