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Flooring Guide For The Kitchen

These days you have the option of choosing from a wide selection of flooring choices to enhance the look of your kitchen floor. When considering new flooring for your kitchen, you have to be careful and consider ease of upkeep, how the flooring will contrast with cabinets and counters, and how durable the flooring is. These criteria are important as they will help you cut cost and fulfill your budget.

Cork Flooring

If green options are important to you then you may want to check out new cork flooring which not only looks great but at the same time will ease the burden on your legs and feet. Cork flooring is soft and durable providing low impact that will lessen the stress to your ankles and knees. Cork flooring is easy to install and available in variety of colors that can suit your choice. Cork flooring is durable and beautiful however you may not want to use this flooring if you have pet in your house that can damage the material with their nails.

Ceramic Tile

This is a popular flooring choice for the kitchen. Ceramic tiling offers you the ability to combine the interesting colors and patterns into your designs and a variety of decorator looks at the same time. You can design your ceramic tile to tie into the countertops and carry the design into a stylistic backsplash. Grout lines can be tough to clean spilled food from but advances in technology provide a grout coating that can make your life easier. The biggest advantage of ceramic tile is the ease of cleaning your floor.

Hardwood Flooring

Cherry, Oak, Pine, and Hickory wood make a tempting choice for a kitchen floor because they give any kitchen a homey, warm feel. It is important to pay attention to the graining patterns because too much pattern can overwhelm your kitchen no matter how large the space is. This type of kitchen flooring is easy to maintain and clean but hardly environment-friendly. You might have to think twice about purchasing this type if you are into green products.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo abounds in Asia and South America and is very easy to grow which makes bamboo flooring fall into the category of a green, renewable resource. The only drawback here is that it is quite tricky to incorporate in a home that only needs improving which means the bamboo feel has to fit into the existing design of your home and is primarily a better design choice in a more modern kitchen. Try to visualize how this type of flooring can fit into your existing kitchen. On the other hand, if you are still on the design stage of your home, you won’t have to confront issues about using Bamboo.

Laminate Flooring

Another great flooring option is laminate flooring, featuring a variety of looks, from wood to stone. This flooring, like cork, usually comes in tongue-in- groove, which makes installation a breeze. While usually requiring a vapor barrier underneath, its price and ease of install is attractive. Clean up is easy and for a man-made surface, this flooring works well in the kitchen.

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