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Carpet Installation Check List

Carpet Pre Installation Check List

1.     Carpet Removal
If you presently have wall-to-wall carpeting, you will have to remove it to allow for the new carpet and pad to be installed.
When removing your existing carpet and pad, please leave the tack strip down.  If you prefer, we will remove your existing carpet and pad at a small additional charge; please advise us at the time of the sale.
All old materials for disposal will be placed in your trash pick-up area.  If you wish to have the material removed from your premises, please let us know and we will quote you a price for removal.
2.     Room Preparation
Our Installers charge for moving furniture.  If you do not want to pay this charge, please have the rooms empty.  If you have any questions, please contact your salesperson.

3.     Doors
It is our policy to remove doors when installing your carpet and to replace them unless they need cutting or planning.  This would require a carpenter; our installers are not qualified to do such jobs.
4.     Molding
We will be very careful where your carpet is installed up to moldings, but it is virtually impossible to properly install new carpet without some sort of scratches left on your base board moldings.  Wiping away minor scratches with furniture polish will usually make them disappear.
5.     Carpet Seams
Nearly every installation will have carte seams.  Today’s heat-bonded seams area as strong as the rest of the carpet, but they are not invisible.  Even though our installers do the best they can, you will probably see the seams.  Because of certain types of carpet construction, and the amount of direct sunlight in the room, some seams may be more visible than others.  This should be expected and is normal.  We do find that in time seams will mellow and become less visible.
6.     Shedding
Your new carpet will shed small bits of fibers for up to six months.  Do not be alarmed if your vacuum fills up quickly.
7.     Vacuuming
Endwell Rug recommends regular vacuuming with emphasis on heavy traffic areas and that you have your carpet cleaned every 18 months; vacuuming alone will not remove all the soil and stains.
We appreciate the confidence placed in us when you bought your flooring.  We will do our best to live up to your expectations and hope when you have floor covering needs in the future, we may, once again be of service to you.

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